The GPS Log Book benefits

Simplest Log Book Ever

Automatically generate ATO Log Books

High sensitivity GPS device to track vehicle usage

Easily Generate Tax and Expense Claims

View detailed trip data on the web using Google Maps™

Manage Vehicle Fleets and Multiple Drivers

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Easy Installation
Charge USB Devices -
Data Upload Manual (USB via PC/Mac) Automatic (Cellular)
Internal Battery -
Power Alerts - Low Battery, Unplugged
Trips Displayed on Google Maps
Live Location on Google Maps -
Zones Endpoints
Keep Track of Expenses
Capture Odometer readings
Trip Commenting
Trip Designation (Business / Private)
Mobile Page Access
Trip Categorisation
Automatic Address Lookup
Data Export (GPX, KML)
Business Travel Claim
Business travel
Tax Logbook
Trip List All Vehicles
Zone Detailed Report
Zone Tracking Report
Vehicle Mileage Comparison
Trip List CSV Export
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Over 2044399.582 km tracked!
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